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Share Your Internet Story and Receive a Gift in Appreciation!
I am in the process of assembling a collection of heartwarming, life-altering, first-person accounts focusing on how the Internet and online communications have affected members of our seniors community.

If the Internet has had a positive effect upon your life, if it's connected you with distant family members, loves old or new, served as a resource for life-saving medical information, provided you emotional support in a time of need, whatever your experience, I would like to hear from you.

If your story is selected for publication, a "Mr. Modem" mouse pad (destined to become a collector's item!) will be sent to you in appreciation. Even if you don't want the mouse pad, I will track you down and find you.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Stories must be true and written in the first-person -- told in your own words and reflect your own Internet experiences.

  2. Don't worry about about grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Your story will be edited and tidied up before publication.

  3. Your story should be a maximum of 500 words.

  4. Your submission must include your name, and the city, state/province and country where you currently live. Your name and city/state will be published UNLESS you request to remain anonymous. Your email address will not be published with your story.

  5. By submitting a story, you are promising that:

    1. Your story is true and is your story, not your brother-in-law's neighbor's friend's sister or other person's story.

    2. There is no legal reason you cannot submit your story to Mr. Modem for publication.

    3. If you claim any copyright on your story, by submitting it to Mr. Modem, you grant the non-exclusive, royalty-free right to publish it in any form and in any medium, electronic or print.

In exchange, Mr. Modem promises that he or members of his staff --well, okay, there is no staff. Mr. Modem promises that he will:

  1. Review your submission and, if it is accepted, edit it for publication.

  2. Include your name and location as the author when it is published unless you specifically ask that it not be included.

  3. Notify you by email that your story was selected for publication and advise you that your mousepad is on the way!

Please send your Internet-based heartwarming, life-altering, wonderful story to Mr. Modem.

All submissions will be acknowledged.