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Just For Fun

The following Web sites are among Mr. Modem's favorites in the Just For Fun category. For even more of Mr. M's DMEs (Don't Miss 'Em) Web sites, click "Favorite Links" located to the left. Happy surfing!

Apology Note Generator, Mark's
A wonderful service for those in the relationship dog house. Using dropdown menus, you can select the perfect groveling phrase that best suits your state of mind (or the level of trouble you're in) and e-mail an apology to your better half.

Counting Sheep
Perfect solution the next time you can't sleep and find yourself at the computer.

Darwin Awards
Dispensed posthumously to people who accidentally kill themselves while performing stunts of incredible stupidity.

Dumb Laws
Did you know that in the state of Connecticut, in order for a pickle to be officially considered a pickle, it must bounce? Or in Massachusetts, mourners may not eat more than three sandwiches? This entertaining site catalogs hundreds of similar gems.

Experience California
Silly, but fun.

How to Keep an Idiot Busy
This site moved since originally referenced last July, so here's a current, working URL for this extremely popular site:

Oh, the Humanity!
Holy Ishtar! Reviews of the worst films ever witnessed by mortal eyes. You haven't lived until you've seen the "Avocado Jungle of Death" or "Avenging Disco Godfather." Pass the Milk Duds, please!

Perpetual Bubblewrap
Trust me on this one: Check it out.

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Phone number spelling
What does your telephone number spell?

Table of Condiments –How Long Before They Go Bad

The Last Page of the Internet

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