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Investments & Finance

The following Web sites are among Mr. Modem's favorites in the Investments & Finance category. For even more of Mr. M's DMEs (Don't Miss 'Em) Web sites, click "Favorite Links" located to the left. Happy surfing!

American Express Single-Use Numbers
A relatively new service that allows you to obtain a one-time use credit card number that can be used at any location that accepts American Express. After the number is used, or after a predetermined period of time, it expires. If you're an American Express cardholder, just go to the AMEX web site and request a one-time-use number and then use that number.

Bank Rate Monitor
Information about worldwide bank rates for savings and various types of loans.

Bill Gates Net Worth Monitor
Not content to simply note dollar value, here you can learn how much Bill's money weighs in dollar bills, how many square miles said dollar bills would cover, how many minutes of long-distance phone time it could buy, and much more. This site won’t change the world -- or your net worth, but it is great fun.

GE Center for Financial Learning
Developed to promote financial literacy, this site's mission is to be the most comprehensive source for personal financial information on the Internet. Mission accomplished! Note: Mr. Modem is a member of this site's Advisory Board.

Making Bread Magazine
"The Magazine for Women Who Need Dough." The pun in the title is intentional, and reflects the spirited approach taken in delivering information women need to help make the most of their money. While poking fun at lingering stereotypes about purse strings and apron strings, MakingBread mission is to inform, explore, challenge, and change attitudes about money – and entertain you in the process.

Virtual Stock Exchange
Start with a portfolio of $1 million in fantasy money, then trade stocks listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX exchanges. Conduct limit and stop orders, build your own private competition with friends, and more.

Hoover's Online
A searchable database containing information on thousands of companies. This site is arguably the Web's most comprehensive source of business information, "designed to be the first and only site businesspeople need."

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