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Finding Friends & Family

The following Web sites are among Mr. Modem's favorites in the Finding Friends & Family category. For even more of Mr. M's DMEs (Don't Miss 'Em) Web sites, click "Favorite Links" located to the left. Happy surfing!

Background Checks
Nothing says, "I love you," like "Honey, I just ran an extensive background check on you and we need to talk." You never can be too sure. This is a fee-based service.

Classmates Online
A fun way to connect with former high school friends and alumni. More than 35 million registrants from 130,000 high schools are accessble.

Cyndi's List
More than 189,000 links to geneaology resources.

Family Search
Hosted by the Mormon Church, this site offers access to the largest collection of genealogical data in the world.

KnowX Public Records
Provides instant access to public record information -- for a price. Public records are compiled by public offices and agencies for the purpose of being made publicly available. Pricing (at publication) starts at $6.95 per database; records retrieved start at $2.95; comprehensive reports up to $125.

Yahoo! People Search
Mr. Modem's first stop when it comes to people-finding. Possibly the most popular people purveyor on the planet. Search by name or e-mail address.

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