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Computers & The Internet

The following Web sites are among Mr. Modem's favorites in the Computers & Internet category.

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Auto Pilot Perfect for the lazy surfer. Sit back and surf without lifting a finger.
If you're looking for software, start with these two sites, courtesy of C/Net.

Google Search Engine
A purist's delight. No stock tickers, weather reports or screaming banner ads. Search results are based on matches to your queries, as well as what other similar sites have said about previously matched sites. Try it!

Check e-mail accounts from anywhere.

Message Clean-Up Software. Removes >>>> from forwarded messages.

Modem Performance Test
If downloading information from the Web sometimes feels like you're trying to suck molasses through a straw, try this free modem performance test. No software is needed.

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Spamkiller Filters
By McAfee, helps to thwart spam.

Spam Recycling Center
Not sure what to do with that spam you're receiving? Now you've got a place to "file" it.

The List
Locate Internet Service Providers, searchable by location, area code, or country code. More than 10,000 ISPs included.

Virus Myths and Hoaxes
Stop here before forwarding that e-mail that implores you to tell all your friends about the latest virus warning or digital-terrestrial downloaded to a Roswell computer.

Zone Alarm Firewall Security
Excellent firewall protection.

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