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Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail's Web-based interface is very easy to use, but there are occasions when a mouse may get in the way of efficiency. Gmail’s developers have thoughtfully included many keyboard shortcuts that aren’t particularly well known -- at least until now.

To enable keyboard shortcuts, click the Settings link at the top right of the screen, and click the General tab. Look for Keyboard Shortcuts and click the Keyboard Shortcuts On radio button, followed by Save Changes. You will need a Standard 101/102-Key or Natural PS/2 Keyboard to use these shortcuts:

C - Compose a new message.

SHIFT + C - Compose a message in a new window.

/ - Places cursor in the Search box.

K - Opens or moves cursor to a more recent conversation (message or thread).

J - Opens or moves cursor to the next oldest conversation.

N - Moves cursor to the next message.

P - Moves cursor to the previous message.

O - Expands or collapses a conversation.

U - Refreshes page and returns to the Inbox or list of conversations.

X - Automatically checks and selects a conversation so that you can archive, apply a label, or choose an action from the drop-down menu to apply to that conversation.

S - Adds or removes a star to or from a message or conversation. (Stars allow you to give a message or conversation a special status.)

! - Marks a message as spam and removes it from message list.

R - Reply to the message sender.

SHIFT + R Reply to a message in a new window.

A - Reply to all message recipients.

SHIFT + A - Reply to all message recipients in a new window.

F - Forward a message.

SHIFT + F Forward a message in a new window.

ESC - Removes cursor from current input field.

CTRL + S – Saves the current text as a draft. Make sure your cursor is in one of the text fields (either the composition pane, or any of the To, Cc, Bcc, or Subject fields).

# - Moves the conversation to Trash.

Multiple Keystroke Combinations

TAB + ENTER - Send message. (Works in Internet Explorer and Firefox)

Y + O - Archive conversation and move to the next one.

G + A - Takes you to 'All Mail,' the storage area for all mail you have ever sent or received, but have not deleted.

G + S - Takes you to all conversations you have starred.

G + C - Takes you to your Contacts list.

G + D - Takes you to all saved drafts.

G + I - Returns you to the Inbox.

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