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Thanksgiving on the Net

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again, heralded by crisp, frosty mornings, and the incessant gobbling of nervous turkeys. As this special day of giving thanks approaches, it’s appropriate to take a break from computer questions and answers, and focus on the official Thanksgiving holiday itself. Here are a few of the best Web sites that are guaranteed to enhance your official Thanksgiving holiday, or my name isn’t Mr. Modem. (Come on, work with me here.)

First and foremost, in the true spirit of this holiday, please consider mousing on over to America Supports You and leaving a message of thanks and appreciation for our men and women serving in the military. It just takes a few seconds to enter your name, city and send a message.

Though many people equate the holiday with Thanksgiving dinner recipes, football, and fitness (well, two out of three), what better time to put down the gravy boat and contemplate Thanksgiving Traditions and History. For example, did you know that the word "turkey," as used by Pilgrims, meant any sort of wild fowl? (I have a feeling that the Butterball people may not agree.)

If there is one name that is synonymous with the official Thanksgiving holiday, it’s the aforementioned Butterball. Oh, sure it was my college nickname and it was very hurtful at the time, but I’ve managed to move on. Thanksgiving dinner recipes abound at the Butterball Web site, plus help planning your holiday dinner, product information, and even a newsletter called the Turkey Lovers Newsletter. Speaking of newsletters—and they don’t call me the Prince of Seques for nothing—my weekly computer-help newsletter is equally satisfying, plus it’s low in fat, high in cyber. Subscribe today and you’ll be giving thanks throughout the year!

Did you ever wonder what Thanksgiving dinner recipes the pilgrims and their Native American guests really ate at the first official Thanksgiving holiday? Me neither, but scroll on over to the History Channel’s First Thanksgiving Menu. Mylanta, anyone?

While there's nothing wrong with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, why not break out of the Jello mold this year? Recipes from Thanksgiving Recipes from will introduce your taste buds to lip-smackin’ potato-sausage stuffing and that perennial favorite, pumpkin roll cake. How about a little something for your cardiologist? What could be more festive than an artery-clogging, four-cheese macaroni casserole? You’ll be giving thanks if you manage to survive through dessert!

Have you been looking for the best healthy Thanksgiving dinner recipes? Fresh veggies are vitally important to any Thanksgiving feast, particularly for those individuals who wish to delude themselves into thinking that they’re “eating healthy.” If roughage is your life, as it is mine, you’ll love the Farmers Market Locator. Just click the map to locate the farmers markets in your state or destination location.

Speaking of destination locations, if you’re planning Thanksgiving getaways, visit CheapTickets, where you’ll find—well, care to guess? If you prefer comparison shopping for the best fares for your Thanksgiving getaways, take a look at, an excellent airfare search engine for Thanksgiving getaways.

And what would an official Thanksgiving holiday be without graphical animations, clip art, Thanksgiving fonts, and other computer-related accoutrements? At Thanksgiving Central, indulge yourself in Thanksgiving crafts, artwork, decorations, parade and football schedules. Be sure to check out the Thanksgiving screensavers, as well. Martha Stewart would be so proud.

Last, but not least, what would any holiday be without festive seasonal inflatables? For me it brings back wonderful childhood memories of blowing up our holiday inflatable figurines until I turned blue and lost consciousness. Those were the days, my friends; I only wish I could remember them.

Wishing you a safe, happy, triptophan-laden Thanksgiving!

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