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Adobe Acrobat Reader

Note: The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for newsletter subscribers to view Mr. Modem’s Searchable Knowledge Base and Newsletter Archive.

How to Download and Install the Adobe Acrobat Reader

1. Navigate to the
Adobe Reader Download page

2. Complete Step 1 on the download page by selecting the appropriate language (Hint: If you’re up for a challenge, select “Norwegian”; if not, try “English”); the Platform (the version of Windows that you're using); and your connection speed, either dial-up or broadband (high-speed) access.

3. When you complete Step 1, Step 2 will magically appear. Read the information presented. After you have reviewed it, click the red Continue button.

4. On the page that appears, click the red Download button. Simply follow the on-screen instructions from this point forward. The following information simply tracks what you'll see on screen:

5. In the Download dialog box that appears, you'll be asked "Would you like to open the file or save it to your computer?" Select Open since your intention is to install the Adobe Reader at this time. Note: There’s really no need to Save the file because if you ever need it again you can return to the above download location. However, if your passion is collecting downloaded files, please feel free to save it.

6. The download will begin.

7. When the downloading festivities conclude and the Acrobat Reader Setup appears, click the Next button.

8. Click Next again to install the Acrobat Reader in the assigned destination folder.

9. When it has been successfully installed, the heartfelt message, "Thank you for choosing Acrobat Reader" will appear.

10. With all the pseudo-sincerity you can muster, begrudgingly mumble, "You're welcome," and click the OK button.

Epilogue: A shortcut icon to the Acrobat Reader will appear on your Windows Desktop which you can either permit to remain or right-click and delete it. The Acrobat Reader will launch automatically when it's needed, so there’s no need to have the shortcut on your Desktop, unless you derive some measure of peace, comfort, and inner tranquility from its presence.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the free Adobe Acrobat Reader!

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