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Online Banking Survey Results, Part 2 of 3

The following comments and opinions are a portion of the many received in response to the following request:

All our drugs are ordered online with fast delivery, usually within a day or two.

I do our stock transactions online. Not too bad for a couple of senior citizens who know more about computers than their children.

I use the Internet for some bill paying, checking my bank accounts and the like. Haven't gotten into transferring money, buying/selling stocks, etc. yet. I haven't had many problems except some of the Web sites are not designed very well and are somewhat difficult to use (such as my telephone company).

I use the Internet for shopping all the time. I live in a very small, very rural area and there's not much of a choice around here.

I don't have any 'safety concerns' with the Internet or online banking. I just make sure I use a "secure site" when I enter credit card information and will not order unless they do have this. I find that most do, but have run across a few that don't.

I don't think the risks are any greater online than if you telephone an order, or use a credit card in any store. I think the most dangerous way to use a credit card is to have it removed from your sight like at a restaurant.

Yes, I feel safe and secure and I like the convenience of conducting business when I want, not just when banks,
stores, etc. are open for business.

I do my banking online; pay some bills online and transfer funds from one account to another. So far my banking online has been a very positive experience. I wonder how I ever got along without it.

I do not intend to use online banking because I don't feel comfortable with that much information going online, plus I do not trust the financial institution to keep my private data from others.

I do use online brokerage, but very cautiously and not often.

I only check my account online and I don't feel to good about that.

Yes, I have been using online banking for several years, mostly to transfer funds from savings to checking when it's not convenient to run to the local branch, like 12:05 on Saturday. Iím looking forward to the day when I can withdraw cash from my PC.

Absolutely I bank online! I pay bills online, and I've had nothing but positive experiences so far, knock on keyboard. In my opinion, sending a payment online to me is no more risky than someone rummaging through your mail and trash and stealing checks and personal information. I constantly check my accounts to make sure everything is copasetic and if something is fishy, you can know about it right then and there instead of waiting for a whole billing cycle and then be surprised by something you see on your monthly bill.

I love to shop online. Much easier than fighting crowds, and you can find what you're really looking for.

Online banking is FABULOUS! I pay all bills online, including my cleaning woman. The bank sends her a check twice a month. Everything that can't be paid with a credit card, I pay through my bank either with automatic payments or even yearly payments.

I pay my credit cards online, having them take the money from my checking account. I hardly ever write checks.

Now that Vanguard has finally gotten smart, I no longer have to write checks to Vanguard. I do it all online.

The big advantage of online banking for me is that when a bill comes in, I go to the bank Web site and pay it immediately. If I get an insurance bill and it's due in 6 weeks, I go immediately to the web and tell the bank to pay it in 5 weeks from now. I get the confirmation number and then I'm done. Put the bill away and forget about it and it gets paid in a few weeks.

Iím a huge fan of online banking. When friends complain about they got a late fee for a late co-op monthly maintenance check, I look at them like they're nuts and say, "What the hell is the matter with you? Have your bank do it automatically and save yourself the worry and the $50 late charge."

We use the Internet mainly to check and confirm balances and deposits which have varying monthly amounts. We also check our credit cards online. We also use the Internet to check investments, to update our portfolio, but we have long since ďretiredĒ from playing the market.

I do all of my banking online and pay credit cards. I pay as many of my bills online as I can. So far, I have been very pleased with this experience. We order our ongoing prescriptions online and have very good service. I don't do a whole lot of online buying because I am still a little suspect of using credit cards online except with those firms I have dealt with in the past and with whom I feel secure.

I do 99% of my banking online through my credit union's site. I feel quite safe in doing so. I have not had a bad experience. We also do a lot of shopping online especially at Christmas time so we don't have to deal with the crowds. As long as you stay with a well known company I don't think it is any different than handing a cashier your credit card.

I probably fit into a certain age category that has a great affect on all this since Iím 80. Do I find online banking services helpful? In most cases, no. I keep a good balance in the checking account and have no apprehension as to overdrawing. ATM is great. Go online to purchase, using the credit card, and thatís great. I do not file IRS online and I have no need for Wall Street services since anyone so inclined is likely to get burned. Also pay all bills where automatic pay is available.

As far as retirement plans are concerned, itís been my philosophy that such is a personal matter and cannot be entrusted to any institution, investment counseling, etc. Common sense is the only road here, which is a form of self-reliance. Knowledge of lifeís values is important, thatís why I place such high regard on your newsletters and the way you shepherd your flock.

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